Supporting and championing exemplary CSR practice is core to our values at BBO PA Network. Understanding what this looks like and how organisations carry out ‘good practice’ is where there is value in sharing our members’ experiences. Just having the conversation and bringing to life all the great things Assistants do helps raise awareness. We introduced our #BBOCSRChampion of the Month initiative to do just that, to highlight all of the incredible CSR work that takes place in organisations in the hope that it inspires others. 

We are proud partners of CSR Accreditation who are delighted to be supporting this amazing initiative. After hearing from CSR-A’s Managing Director last year, Richard Collins, we knew how BBO PA Network could do more for it’s community!

Each month at our online events, we make some time for our CSR initiative in the agenda. We hear from BBO PA Network members who share their CSR experiences but most importantly inspire others. We celebrate members’ stories and hear about the good work Assistants carry out not only within their organisations but also on their own accord. Each BBO CSR Champion will be made a CSR-A Associate and will have a tree planted in their name as part of the Green Earth Appeal.



Social Responsibility allows you to enrich the quality of lives for all by investing in social value as an essential part of an organisations culture. This provides purpose and impact and will ensure a sustainable and profitable business. It will help to build a better world for future generations by improving the environment and ensuring a cohesive community to live and work in.

We are thrilled with our partnership and are proud that BBO PA Network members are the CSR enablers that can create a CSR legacy for their organisations and have a positive impact on the world.

We are excited to announce our March 2021 BBO CSR Champion:

Gilly Mulford, Executive PA & Virtual Assistant at Your Household PA

Gilly’s commitment to CSR is incredible, what an incredible role model for all BBO PA Network members! 


NHS/Volunteer Community Responder

Since March last year I have been on duty as a Community Responder with the NHS/Royal Volunteer Service for just under 5,000 hours. The role covers check-in-and-chat, collecting shopping/medication for those shielding or isolating, and stewarding at vaccine sites.


Carbon Neutral

I have become a carbon neutral business by planting trees, with Oblong Trees, to offset my business carbon footprint and plant additional trees with each new client I work with.


Zoe App Covid-19  

The Covid Symptom Study has been developed by health science company Zoe. I have been reporting every day since March 2020 to assist Kings College Hospital and the NHS gather vital information in the fight against Covid-19. There are over 4.5 million participants who provide vital information daily which is fed into the government.


Community Volunteer 

Assisting my local Co-op to deliver groceries to those who are having to self-isolate or too frightened to leave their home has been a real lifeline to some. Supporting my local community has always been a big part of my life.


Medical Studies

I regularly take part in clinical studies to aid research into the causes of metabolic diseases.


COVID-19 Infection Survey (Office of National Statistics) 

This survey is being delivered in partnership with University of Oxford, University of Manchester, Public Health England and Wellcome Trust. This study is running over the course of a year. I had a visit every week for a month and now have visits every month for one year in total from when I joined the study. The overall purpose of this study is to understand how many people of different ages across the UK have already had COVID-19. This will help the government work out how to manage the pandemic better moving forwards and protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.



The Abingdon Bridge (TAB) is an Oxfordshire charity supporting young people in challenging circumstances aged 13-25 with anxiety, depression, trouble at work, school, in the family or in relationships. Feelings caused by losing someone close, having a baby, or breaking up. It could be abuse or other causes of low self esteem. TAB cover all of this and so much more.  Referral through professional services is not mandatory which makes it far more accessible.

It is a service especially close to my heart as my son had previously used the service and I have referred several youngsters to it.  I continue to fundraise in memory of my son whom I lost through mental health and support them by volunteering administration time and raising their profile where ever I can.

Gilly Mulford, Your Household PA