Take 5 minutes to sit down with a cuppa and read our Q&A with Executive Assistant, Mandy Tinker… Mandy is a dynamic and highly motivated business support professional and certified C-suite Executive Assistant. Incredibly warm and friendly, Mandy is an active Member of BBO PA Network. During her career she’s worked in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and South Africa, supporting senior level executives in industries such as Retail, Investment Banking, Insurance, Fire & Security Solutions and Private Equity. Mandy is currently looking for a new role; her previous role was Executive Assistant to the President at Chubb Fire & Security Group.

Tell us about your current role?

Before my position was made redundant due to COVID, I was Executive Assistant to the President at Chubb Fire & Security Group, a leading global provider of fire, safety, security and monitoring solutions.

Where do you live?


What do you like about the area you live in?

Being within walking distance of Bushy Park and the Thames, a wonderful green space – so spoilt for choice.  A lovely High Street with a number of individually-owned shops where you can support your local community.

Describe yourself in 5 words?

Approachable, calm, empathetic, diplomatic, organised

What has been one of the challenges you’ve faced with Covid-19 and how have you dealt with the challenge?

My position was made redundant which has been a huge challenge in itself never mind what we are all having to experience on a daily basis in different aspects of our lives.  I have gone over and beyond to increase my visibility, to make new connections and have new conversations. My personal and professional development has always been important, so I have done training, attend webinars and continuously keep learning.

What one piece of advice would you give to an Assistant just starting out on their career journey? 

Ask lots of questions, no question is silly.  It’s all about continuous learning.

What has been your greatest achievement to date in your career? What are you most proud of?

I have had opportunities to work in a number of countries i.e. South Africa, UK and Ireland (I was also an au pair in Spain many moons ago!).  This has given me global experience, learning about and working with so many different cultures and in different companies.  I just love travelling which helps!

What’s your favourite saying or quote and who’s it by? Why?

“Don’t reach for normal….reach for better.”  By Michele Norris an award-winning journalist. I was listening to one of Michelle Obama’s podcasts and Michelle Norris was her guest.

It resonated with me as I believe it is important to always strive for better, one step at a time.

What are you currently reading? Would you recommend it and why?

As you know, I have just finished reading SPIKE by René Carayol. Yes, I would definitely recommend it.  René talks about our SPIKES, meaning what are we great at – it’s also our brand and the essence of who we are. You have to believe in yourself before others can start believing in you.  It has definitely made me think a lot more about what I am good at and it’s always work in progress.

Any thought leaders/role models/Assistants you recommend following on social media to learn from? Please tell us why? 

I recently watched a webinar hosted by Paige McPheely (BASE) and Lindsay Robinson was her guest. Lindsay is an Executive Assistant at LinkedIn in NYC. Lindsay shared so much knowledge and her experiences which I found super inspiring and really interesting.  I have since connected with her – she writes great posts on LinkedIn too.

What tip would you give to a CEO/Leader to get the best out of their EA/PA?

To Trust, Engage and Communicate – the more you give, the more you will get back.

Thank you so much for your time Mandy, for those who’d like to connect with Mandy – please do! Her LinkedIn details are HERE.